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The short & sweet of it is: we're here to provide you with great massage. Qualified to advanced practioner level, we're confident we can meet your professional massage needs.


Whether you require massage for relief from stress, tension or specific pain problems, we can help. Our aim is to provide you with the best treatment, specifically tailored to your personal needs.


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Leesa Crockett

Senior Physical Massage Therapist


Renown for her strong hands and firm pressure, Leesa is a massage nerd! Fascinated by all things musculoskeletal she loves our amazing bodies. Her committment and dedication to her clients is second to none and evident in her treatments.


Having personally suffered hip & pelvis problems along with lower back & nerve pain she specialises in pelvic related problems. Qualified in various advanced massage styles & techniques, she's also a posture correction therapist, nutritionist and fitness instructor.


With over 10 years hands-on experience, she’s received and continues to receive the highest level training with some of the UK’s & USA's most respected soft tissue trainers and massage training institutions.


Leesa has an excellent range of massage skills to assist with muscle pain & discomfort.

Services provided in accordance with The Sports Massage Association's code of conduct. Requests outside of this will be reported.